Libre and security

There are common values shared by Free/Libre movements and security, which come from hacking: studying how things work, improve them, find weaknesses to change their purpose, share one's discoveries with its peers and the rest of the world. We invite you to keep these values alive with Association Sans Nom through workshops, conferences and other internal and public activities, as well as the management of services by and for the members themselves.

What kind of things do we do? Where do I sign?


The association activities can are currently distributes between three clusters: Libre, security and lock picking.


Discover the world of Free Software and how to contribute to it. Share advices on self-hosting of your e-mails, your social network node, etc. Take part in the management of services provided by the association.


Share your knowledge about computer security, wether you are a novice, amateur or expert. Diverse domains can be addressed, from Web to binary exploitation by way of cryptography, through talks and practical workshops.

Lock picking

Security is not limited to software, let's not forger physical security. For example, we take an interest in physical, electronic and biometric locks. Lock picking workshops are organized regularly.